Limited Edition Romney Wool - Test Dye Skeins

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Flock A

Don't forget these...

**These skeins were dyed as test skeins. The pink features a full skein and a half skein and will be sold as a set. The chestnut brown and lemon drop skeins will be sold as individual skeins.**

After months of work, I am happy to share this special base with you. 

This will be a VERY limited release: one base, one colour, one offering.

I was contacted by an organic farm located on the hills of the Devonshire Penisular who wanted to work with more hand dyers... The first batch of Romney wool they sent me, which I am calling Flock A, is so beautiful. It's lofty, toothy, woolly and yet still very soft. The base colour of the base was a natural creamy oatmeal colour and it took the colour beautifully.

The second batch of Romney wool they sent me endured the biggest delay I have experienced thus far and sat at customers for 5 weeks. Equally a beautiful base it looks different from the first batch. The best that I can come up with is that it was milled differently than the first batch or the second shearing of the wool is slightly different than the first. I am calling this one Flock B. When it arrived it featured a whiter base colour and much tighter ply.

The skeins were marked by the farm as equal weight and meterage so my best guess is that they were wound into skeins at different circumferences but feature the same meterage.

Base Info:
100% Organic Romney Wool
100g/350 meters per skein

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