Hello Ranunculus Knit Along

So, I've never done one of these before and I've only successfully participated and completed one KAL myself..but The Kniterary Society took off so well (we are on our fourth book!!!!) and we've held each other accountable so lets try it with a pattern and some yarn!

Hello Stella Ranunculus Sweater

Your goal, should you choose it, is to knit yourself (or someone you REALLY REALLY LIKE) a Ranunculus sweater designed my Midori Hirose. First and foremost you will have to purchase your copy of the pattern on Ravelry from the designer. It's their hardwork and they deserve the compensation and support! 



Secondly, you DO NOT have to use Hello Stella Fibres if you already have yarn set aside, are on a yarn diet, budget, allergies, or whatever! This is open to anyone that would like to knit along and try something new or just experience knitting something with others!


1. To participate in the KAL, you must START on July 15. You can do your gauge swatch before hand, but the official cast on is JULY 15!

2. To be entered into the draws for prizes, you must START and COMPLETE your sweater by the end date of AUGUST 16 - thats 4 glorious weeks to work through this pattern (and having knit the short sleeve version in under a week I believe we can do it!)

3. This will be hosted on INSTAGRAM with the #helloranunculusKAL tag - As a full time mom and business owner I don't have much time otherwise to add another platform to the mix. The only stipulation is that if you finish your sweater you must upload a finish project to RAVELRY by end of day AUGUST 17. Tag your make with Hello Stella Ranunculus KAL.  

There are private profile on IG and I have no business telling anyone they can't participate SO, to see the finished sweaters, I will check RAVELRY! (edit: I will try to create a Ravelry group but its temporarily down.)


If you choose to dig through your stash for this KAL and you COMPLETE the sweater by the end date your name will be entered into a draw for a 115g skein of Hello Stella Fibres and one of my custom enamel pins. 

If you choose to knit this sweater is Hello Stella Fibres for the KAL and you COMPLETE the sweater by the end date your name will be entered into a draw for THREE 115g skeins of Hello Stella Fibres and one of my custom enamel pins. 

There will be bonus prizes of pins and Garlene from the Kitchen Sink Shop has so generously donated a STUNNING project bag and needle cozy! For the project bag, everyone who participates and completes a sweater will be entered into a draw, no matter what yarn you use!


(As my brain allows, I will update this as we approach next weeks cast on!)


  • Marlene Steinberg

    I plan to knit the ranunculus sweater as soon as I get the pattern printed.

  • Wini May

    Good morning! I love this design. Ranunclus Sweather. is there another class soon…Thank you kindly,


  • Brittany Cease

    Good morning!

    I uploaded my image on Ravelry (first time doing anything other than purchasing a pattern) and I added my tag of hellostellaranunculusKAL. When I search out that tag, I do not see my project, but I do see others. Is there any way you can confirm what you see at some point for me? My username on Ravelry is brittanylcease.

    Thank you so much for getting me knit a pattern so far out of my comfort zone!

    Thank you,

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