Hello Penguono Knit Along!

Last year I began knitting Stephen West's pattern, Penguono. It is hands down one of my all-time favourite makes I have ever completed. Funny enough, when I was introduced to some of my very best knitting friends through our local Sip & Stitch group, my friend Christine was knitting one. I immediately fell down the rabbit hole searching the hashtag on Instagram. This was a knit that is as unique as the person knitting it and I loved that. 

I was intimated to knit it which is why I put it off for 4 years but let me tell you - you CAN knit this and I am here to help you!

Your goal, should you choose it, is to knit yourself (or someone you REALLY REALLY LIKE) a Penguono designed by Stephen West of West Knits. First and foremost you will have to purchase your copy of the pattern on Ravelry from the designer. It's their hard work and they deserve the compensation and support! 



Secondly, you DO NOT have to use Hello Stella Fibres if you already have yarn set aside, are on a yarn diet, budget, allergies, or whatever! This is open to anyone that would like to knit along and try something new or just experience knitting something with others!


1. To participate in the KAL, you must START on August 7. You can do your gauge swatch beforehand, but the Knit Along will officially begin on August 7! This KAL will run for 10 weeks ending on Friday, October 9.

2. There will be a weekly goal breakdown - this is to also help me upload short videos of how to begin each section or shed some light on what might otherwise be confusing (I was a little confused at times.)

3. This will be hosted on INSTAGRAM with the #helloPenguonoKAL tag - As a full-time mom and business owner, I don't have much time otherwise to add another platform to the mix and want to keep this as accessible as possible.

There are private profiles on IG and I have no business telling anyone they can't participate SO, to see the finished sweaters. I am planning to have some prizes but if you see this, are a small business who would like to contribute a prize please send me a DM on Instagram (again, I want to keep this all in one spot!)


If you choose to dig through your stash for this KAL and you COMPLETE the sweater by the end date your name will be entered into a draw for a 115g skein of Hello Stella Fibres and one of my custom enamel pins. 

If you choose to knit this sweater in Hello Stella Fibres for the KAL and you COMPLETE the sweater by the end date your name will be entered into a draw for THREE 115g skeins of Hello Stella Fibres and one of my custom enamel pins. 


Weekly Breakdown

August 7 (Week 1)

Knit Along will begin, here is where you can explore your stash and pick your yarns and needle size.

August 14 (Week 2)

Cast on and knit the back panel.

August 21 (Week 3)
Knit the Left and Right Welts.
August 28 (Week 4)
Pick up and knit the right side & front.
September 4 (Week 5)
Pick up and knit the left side & front.
September 11 (Week 6)
Pick up and knit the left shoulder and left sleeve
September 18 (Week 7)
Pick up and knit the right shoulder and right sleeve.
September 25 (Week 8)
Pick up and knit both underarms and sleeve cuffs.
October 2 (Week 9)
Pick up and knit the border and neck. 
October 9 (Week 10)
You're done! Weave in your ends and flash your new FO around!


  • Ashley

    Have the winners been announced for the KAL?

  • Elaine

    Is it too late to jump in? I’m a very fast knitter. This pattern looks lovely and i am thrilled to be able to use my enormous stash of hand spun.

  • Gillian McLeod

    I’ve been wanted to make one ever since I saw yours! I can’t wait to start!!

  • Erin Park

    I’m so excited for this! Do we have to use all Hello Stella Fibres in order to qualify for the 3 skein drawing or just some Hello Stella? I have a nice collection of your yarn, but not enough for this!

  • Amanda Kerns

    Will you be sharing how to do the mods you made to your penguono to make it a pullover?

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